Introducing our newest resource for use in primary schools – a SATS literacy revision booklet which uses Climate Change as the topic.

This resource was written by Eleanor Watts of Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon, a trained teacher with many years of experience in creating resources for use in schools, with support, funding and encouragement from Mim Saxl and Low Carbon West Oxford.  Layout by Lisa Made It.  It is free to download, use and share.


Snapshot of the booklet – it features comprehension exercises, wordsearches and more

Let us know where you use them, and please send us feedback!

We are really keen to hear about it being downloaded and used, in a classroom or other non-school settings, and this is particularly useful for getting funding to create more materials.  We also want these materials to be as good as they can be, so constructive feedback also welcome!  If you download it and use it, and have positive feedback and/or constructive criticism to share, we’d be very grateful!  Please get in touch here via the LCWO website.

A4 pdf format, print on two sides to make 6 page workbook