Kids Climate Action Network (KidsCAN) is a coalition of Oxford-based organisations and individuals working to help children understand and take effective action to combat climate change, and to support the adults around them. 


We have paused the network aspect of the project, but continue to develop resources and run workshops.  For upcoming events, head over to the LCWO website.



The network was set up by Mim Saxl (Lead Programme Manager at Low Carbon West Oxford), and came together in response to the IPCC Special Report released in October 2018, when it became apparent that our children were being increasingly exposed to potentially terrifying bits of information and language in the news (e.g. ‘catastrophic climate change’, ‘extinction’ etc), without necessarily being given the skills to understand and process the information.

Our initial aim has been to provide Key Stage 2 children (aged 7-11) with easy-to-understand and accurate information about the IPCC report and climate change more broadly, and specifically, to offer them some avenues of clear, effective and child-friendly action.

In addition to producing a leaflet for the children, based on a customisation of Low Carbon West Oxford‘s ‘5 things we can all start doing right now’ leaflet, we are also keen to support schools, teachers, parents and other concerned adults in responding to their kids’ needs and questions.

If you would like to know more, and/or get involved in the network, please get in touch with Mim Saxl, Lead Programme Manager at Low Carbon West Oxford.

The design and print of our ‘6 things’ leaflet, which we are currently trialling in primary schools, has been made possible thanks to funding from the Low Carbon Hub, rewarded to Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO), Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon and LEAF. The development of content has been made possible thanks to financial support from LCWO and volunteer time from a number of individuals.

A summary of our work to date

For a more in-depth summary of our activities to date, head over to our ‘story so far’ activities summary page.

Network members

For a list of current active network members, click here.