Introducing our work at the Low Carbon Hub’s Inspiring Communities event

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This Monday, we were invited to give an overview of our work to-date at the Low Carbon Hub‘s Inspired by Communities event at Oxford Town Hall.    It was great to get an opportunity to create an overview, as our network is so new that we are still pulling together what we are about, and clarifying our offer.  It was also good to have the opportunity to let other Oxfordshire community groups know about the resources we have created, so we can start to get them out to schools and other groups across the region – and indeed beyond.

As well as our work with schools, we heard tips from Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon about how to engage your local school, as a community group or engaged adult outside the school; and Dr Brenda Boardman spoke of the Coalition on Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT, of which LCWO is a member organisation) work with schools, and specifically Windmill School, who are trailblazing on that front.  Further details of both to follow.

Download a copy of the presentation here:

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