How to talk to kids about climate change – a workshop at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 28.9.2019

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Did you make it to the visually impressive and emotionally powerful Art-Science Extravaganza at the Museum of Natural History last Saturday? It was well worth a visit.  There is something really special – and deeply moving – about thinking through some aspects of the climate crisis, surrounded by the stuffed bodies and bones of animals past and present.  I got goosebumps when I arrived, and Oxford’s newly formed Red Rebel Brigade only added to that feeling with their performance.  If you missed the event, below are a few photos on the Low Carbon West Oxford instagram feed.

We delivered a workshop at the event on talking to kids about climate change.  The room was full, people were really engaged (as you’d expect at an event like this), and there was some really thought-provoking discussion.  Chris Jarvis, the museum’s Education Officer, said:

“Really good to have someone talking about how we talk to kids about climate change and the talk was full of people concerned with the issues around it, both parents grandparents and teachers. Mim dealt very well with all the issues involved with discussing climate change with different ages, signposted a lot of useful resources and discussed the subject with calm, open, informed authority.”

You can download a copy of the workshop slides here:

A link to resources coming soon.


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